Canada ski holidays

Have you always wanted to visit Canada and wondered what you could combine it with?

Would you like to visit some of the world's most fascinating tourist attractions whilst also dabbling in some bracing exercise?

Or are you simply a seasoned skier who is looking for the best deals on your favourite Canadian destinations?

Anybody who is able to answer any of these questions with a "yes" will certainly appreciate our extensive range of Canada ski holidays.

Canadian ski holidays are defined by their amazing scenery and snowfalls, not to mention some of the most famous, best-equipped and best-maintained resorts. Plus, queues for the lifts are rare whilst the slopes also tend to be uncrowded - regardless of the time of year.

Why should I take a Canada ski holiday?

The reasons why you should take a Canada ski holiday are much the same as the reasons why you should take any ski holiday - namely, that it provides you with a great opportunity to give your body a thorough workout whilst also taking advantage of socialising, dining and entertainment opportunities.

Indeed, Canada is a great spot for a holiday of any variety, with such major attractions to visit as:

- Pacific Rim National Park, B.C., which consists of sandy beaches, the West Coast Trail and rainforest and is an epicentre of Aboriginal culture

- Banff National Park, Alberta, with the resort towns of Lake Louise and Banff and a host of opportunities for camping, biking and hiking... not to mention skiing, of course!

- CN Tower, Toronto, which reaches some 1,815 feet into the sky and has a thrilling glass-floored outdoor observation deck

- Old Montreal, with its wealth of well-preserved 17th century buildings

- The top-class restaurants of the ski resort of Whistler, Blackcomb, B.C.

What are some of the most popular ski resorts in Canada?

Just a few of the Canadian ski resorts for which you can find some great deals here at include...

- Banff, which is situated in the Canadian Rockies and receives an average of 30ft of Canada's lightest snow

- Fernie, with a variety of uncrowded slopes that are ideal for beginners and more experienced skiers alike

- Jasper, which places you in close vicinity to nature with its moose, elk and deer

- Tremblant, one of the top ski resorts in Eastern North America with its pedestrian and charming village

- ...and, of course, Whistler, which is frequently ranked as the best ski resort in North America and was the host of the 2010 Summer Olympics. Taken together, Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain have over 100 runs each and see 10 metres of snow in the average season.

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