family Ski Holidays

Family ski holidays are totally different to those that you will have had with your friends. Nonetheless, if you prepare and equip yourselves well with the help of a site such as, it will be an experience that you will never forget.

What can you expect from a family ski holiday?

• Children who will be tired and possibly irritable by the end of the day?

• A few bumps and bruises?

• A demand for food that is not on the menu?

• A few squabbles that will need solving?

• A cry for new clothing?

Whichever of these you will encounter, you can be sure that it will not be an entirely smooth ride. However if you are prepared and have taken the time to find the right resort via our database here at, there is no problem that cannot be solved on your family ski holidays. is the perfect place to look for ski resorts and flights that also offer child discounts – in other words, the perfect family ski holidays.

How to ensure successful family ski holidays

Remember that the travel is all part of family ski holidays for the children and that the airport experience is part of that. Make sure that you are equipped with snacks and drinks for the children and that if they are very young that a change of clothing is available, as accidents will happen. If the flight is lengthy, take something with you that will keep the children occupied.

Ensure that you have adequate clothing particularly for the children, as they will not be used to this weather. They need to be kept warm and to this end, you will need to find long johns for them. Gloves and hats should be of good quality to avoid frostbite on toes and fingers.

Do remember, too, to protect your eyes and those of your children against the glare from the sun. Although clothing for when you are not skiing is important, specialist ski clothing is so much more so if you want to enjoy your family ski holidays.

Breakfast can be in your chalet or hotel. If you have young children, a chalet may be better as this will give greater freedom. You can still go out at night as parents if you have reserved a babysitter. Many resorts will ensure that they have baby sitters and au pairs who will have been duly checked and will also be able to speak English. You will normally be able to meet the baby sitter before they care for your children so that you can be satisfied as to their suitability.

Do check before booking that the slopes are suitable for your children. Many resorts will have slopes and runs that are ideal for families with some grading that allows for the age of the children.

Whether your child is 2 or 12, they will make demands on you and your time, which is why, here at, we offer an extensive selection of resorts that have qualified instructors that will be able to assist you with your children.

You will also want time to be able to ski together as a couple, which is why many of our resorts also have children’s clubs that your children can attend so that you have free time.

If you have children that are less than two years old, then you should look for a ski resort that can offer you a crèche. Qualified people whom you can trust will staff these. Take your mobile with you and you will know that you can always be in touch should you so wish.

Take care in the planning and in checking out the resorts via, and the whole family will benefit from the experience of family ski holidays. Happy skiing!