Group Ski Holidays

Group ski holidays are great for bonding with your friends and evening socializing, and also allow for the development of the whole range of skiing skills that are present in your travelling group.

Some of you may be learners, whilst others may wish to go off piste, while some others will simply want to spend time snowboarding. Whatever the level of ability, or the activity, you will find great deals on the perfect group ski holidays for your needs, right here.

Find the right group ski holidays with

The most important part of group ski holidays is the organisation. When you arrive at the resort most things will fall into place, but making sure you all arrive together, safely and having obtained the best possible price is important.

You may choose a tour company from the extensive range that we offer here at that is a specialist in group ski holidays, and that may even send a guide with you. Depending on the size of your group you may well be able to get a discount for the group as a whole, or perhaps the tour guide will be able to go free.

Further tips for organizing your group ski holidays

If you are organizing the trip yourselves, then there is a need to appoint just one person to undertake all the communications and to act as the ‘mouthpiece’ for the group. There are a number of issues if a group is traveling, and amongst those is to ensure that the luggage, if you are traveling with ski equipment, will be accepted in the plane as well as your normal luggage as otherwise, your group ski holidays will get off to a bad start.

Ensure that the resort you are staying in, and particularly the hotel, is well set up for group activities. The après ski is extremely important and if this is not up to standard, the edge will be taken off the holiday. The après ski is not just about the ability to eat and drink well, but is also about having somewhere to dance and to mix with others in the resort.

Your group ski holidays should involve a variety of activities – and here at, we offer the most extensive range of such breaks that you will find anywhere.

Other factors to consider when organizing group ski holidays

The organizer of your group ski holidays should examine the facilities that the ski area offers. There will no doubt be a mix of abilities and some may well be looking for tutors. It is important that they are available and, that for the experienced skiers, that there is a series of challenging runs.

Another good plus to any ski resort is the availability of saunas that will allow for the aches and pains of the day to be eased away.

There will be those on your group ski holidays who through unfortunate circumstances will need medical attention, or even repatriation. This raises the need for adequate medical insurance. Whilst it is possible to get group travel and medical insurance it may be preferable for each group member to arrange their own cover. If you arrange group insurance for your group ski holidays, then you should make sure that there has been a full disclosure of any medical history by each member and that there is good cover to fly home somebody who has broken a leg or other limb.

And finally…

Groups will not always enjoy being together for the whole period of time whilst on group ski holidays, and indeed not all members will want to ski every day, so the organizer should ensure that either trips are available for those wanting a day off, or that the resort has other activities that can be enjoyed.

And the good news is that you should be able to find plenty of such resorts by searching for them right here!