luxury Ski Holidays

Luxury ski holidays are the highlight of the year for many people, and by searching for exclusive ski resorts via, you can find the best deals for such breaks in such popular skiing countries as Germany, Austria, France or Switzerland.

Of course there are many 5 star ski holidays that are now available in recently admitted EU countries as well as USA and Canada, so the choice of destination for your luxury ski holidays is as broad as they come.

What are luxury ski holidays like?

Luxury ski holidays differ from the package type of ski holiday, in that the people who are holidaying will be seeking a boutique chic atmosphere, maybe traditional Alpine ski chalets with that classic ‘chocolate box charm’.

They could be looking for a 5* hotel that offers personal waiting service and the ability to just drop off your skiing gear and clothing and know, that when they return to collect it, it will be in pristine condition with the skis greased to perfection. On luxury ski holidays you will pay serious money, so you should expect to be treated as someone special.

What should I look for when booking luxury ski holidays?

The hotel should offer you the best table and food with a fine wine selection. Saunas and massage facilities should be readily available for you and they should be in the package that you have paid for.

Your luxury ski holidays should begin with business class travel at a minimum, and you should be afforded the luxury of quick check in at the airport and the use of a quality lounge while you wait for your flight. The travel can be stressful and on occasions delayed, so it is important that the good facilities are offered to the traveller seeking luxury ski holidays. You will expect to be collected on your arrival at the destination airport, and to be transported back on the day of your departure.

A number of operators of exclusive ski holidays will provide you with a resort guide who will be able to ensure that all of the activities you have pre-booked run smoothly. Should you wish to undertake other activities while on your luxury ski holidays, then the guide should be able to arrange these for you at competitive rates. She or he will be able to book tables at good restaurants and ensure that you are well looked after.

The guide is always a good addition to your holiday as not only will they know the slopes well, but should you have an accident, receiving immediate and correct treatment will be much easier with his or her help.

Luxury is what you have paid for and what you expect, so the chalet or hotel room should be equipped with high quality furniture and the finest of bed linen. There should be drinks available in your room as well as a supply of fruit. It is these touches that you expect and that will allow for total enjoyment.

It may be that you will require a day or more away from skiing on your luxury ski holidays, so again, a personal guide will be of great assistance. They will be able to provide advice on places you can visit and if necessary, buy any tickets that you may need in advance. Nearly all ski resorts are situated near other quality attractions.

Finally, to add to the feel of your luxury ski holidays, do ask for a table at the top local restaurant. This will add to the ‘local feel’ to your holiday and the local food and drink will make sure that you have long lasting memories of your luxury ski holidays – as we work hard to ensure with our extensive database of frequently updated deals here at!