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What are some of the best USA ski resorts?

Naturally, we don't specialise in bad resorts here at - but here are just a few of the wide range of American resorts that we recommend...


This is one of the USA's most attractive resorts, and thanks to our regular stream of great deals on America ski holidays, it need not be expensive. It is a great choice of resort whether you are a beginner or intermediate-level skier, or for that matter a seasoned veteran.

There are four different mountains on which skiing takes place, including Snowmass, where skiers of all levels of experience can comfortably gather, as well as Aspen Highlands with its more extreme terrain.

The resort also offers top class restaurants, shopping, nightclubs and bars, meaning that you'll never be bored away from the slopes.

Lake Tahoe

With its majestic mountains and soaring cliffs, Lake Tahoe certainly looks the part, and the statistics tell you much of the rest of what you need to know about one of the USA's larger ski resorts.

Lake Tahoe gives direct access to some 259km of downhill skiing, with 29 ski lifts serving 84 individual pistes. It has pistes above 2500 metres, making it a strong choice for those who are looking for an all-year-round skiing destination, and intermediate skiers are especially well served.

Ski Arapahoe Basin

North America's third highest ski area, Ski Arapahoe Basin's 3290m altitude allows for skiing to continue into July and in some instances, even August. It is a resort that is a good fit for skiers of all abilities, with expert and intermediate-level skiiers being particularly rewarded. 5 ski lifts serve 61 individual pistes.

Wolf Ridge

Located some 30 minutes from Asheville, Wolf Ridge Ski Resort is a particularly good choice for intermediate skiers, whilst the mountain also features a $1 million Breakaway Village section consisting of a ski tunnel, terrain park and ski slope that was opened in 2007.

Direct access is possible to 14 individual pistes, which are served by four ski lifts. In addition, the resort has 35 snow cannons for the augmentation of natural snow.

Wolf Mountain

This resort is one of the best destinations for night skiing in Utah, and was formerly known as Nordic Valley. It has direct access to three ski lifts and is at an altitude of 1676m.

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